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New Pod! Catching Up with the Sisters and Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Valerie Bertinelli

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Lian, Liz and Julie decide to spend a whole new episode just catching up! Where have they been? What are they watching + reading? What’s coming up from Satellite Sisters?

Lian has the latest on her new book The Marriage Sabbatical. It’s a National Bestseller now! Thank you to all who pre-ordered, asked for it at their library and are posting recommendations on their own socials.

Julie spent a weekend with her college women’s group The Aging Models. It’s their 30th anniversary of getting together annually! You can’t make new old friends.


Plus! It’s 80s Day on Satellite Sisters

Liz went to a Bruce Springsteen concert in LA and doesn’t regret a bit of it, even though all that dancing may not have been ideal for her new knee. Just ask her physical therapist.

Plus, Lian went to see Valerie Bertinelli at Vroman’s and demands “Get that woman a talk show!” Here’s Valerie’s new cookbook. Indulge.

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Entertaining Sisters:

Liz recommends Scoop on Netflix. A dramatization of the disastrous Prince Andrew BBC interview starring Gillian Anderson and Rufus Sewell.

Lian’s recommended books:

What Happened to Nina by Satellite Sisters favorite Dervla McTiernan.

Trail of the Lost: The Relentless Search To Bring Home The Missing Hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail by Andrea Lankford.

New 2024 Satellite Sisters episodes to download:

Fitness and Aging with guest Liz Neporent. 3/12/24

Colon Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Lessons Learned. 3/19/24

The Marriage Sabbatical Pub Day Book Talk by Lian Dolan. No spoilers! 4/2/24


Join Lian and MEA  in at a Women’s Wellness Workshop in Santa Fe 

Women’s Wellness Through Transitions like Menopause with MEA 3/26/24

Information about MEA Workshop Lian is attending in June: A Lifetime of Women’s Wellness: Thriving Through Transitions with Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz


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April 30: A Satellite Sisters Travel Special featuring Lauren Bates from Wild Terrains and Julie’s report on her recent trip to New Zealand.

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