Monica: Be Nice To Me

Just got in from the American Red Cross after donating my blood.
It’s my small way of supporting the Red Cross. I do every eight weeks because it’s always painless for me, I can’t resist the nice volunteer ladies calls and it’s a great excuse to eat the free Oreos they give out in the canteen.
Afterwards, you get a “Be Nice to Me..” sticker to wear. Normally, I take the sticker off as soon as I leave. Today I had to make a stop at Whole Foods to do some Lab Rats research for our exciting Soy Milk taste test coming up next week. I thought that my sticker might buy me and hour of free parking in the underground lot even though I knew I did not make the minimum purchase required-no such luck.
I found this little blood type tid-bit on the web:
The Japanese believe that your blood type is an indicator of your personality, similar to the belief in the Signs of the Zodiac here in America. According to the superstition, people with type AB blood are cool, controlled, rational, sociable, popular, critical and indecisive.
I will agree with the sociable and indecisive labels.

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