Satellite Sisters discuss political scandal of the day: Eliot Spitzer and a prostitution ring.

On this New To You Satellite Sisters podcast from March 2008, Sheila diagnoses Eliot Spitzer as a “pathological narcissist”, a phrase that’s become more familiar lately, no?

Welcome to the Doghouse. On this New to You show from March 14, 2008, we tackle the gubernatorial sex scandal in NY: Eliot Spitzer, former crusading prosecutor and Governor of NY, is client #9 in a prostitution ring.  Dr. Sheila weighs in on his psychological state: “pathological narcissism”. Her diagnosis of this out-of-control politician is sounding so familiar now!

Julie puts a number of men “in the doghouse” for insisting that prostitution is a victimless crime.  Alan DershowitzJames CarvilleBill Maher, you are on notice!
The First Ladies Desk has a lot to say about Mrs. Spitzer. That poor woman stood by her man at his press conference and then Dr. Laura Schlessinger of radio fame was all over TV blaming her for not “doing enough to keep her man at home.” Shut it, sister.
Julie has an International News Round-Up about China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Entertaining Sheila reviews Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day.
Lian explains to her mother-in-law how to listen to a podcast.
Ten years later, we still want to help you figure this out!
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