MEA: Find your purpose in Baja or Santa Fe

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Manage change, get unstuck and flourish in your second adulthood at MEA – the world’s first midlife wisdom school.

Whether it’s cultivating your purpose, navigating new transitions, or unearthing your inner wisdom, MEA’s all-inclusive workshops at their beautiful beachfront campus in Baja, Mexico are designed to support you to consciously curate the second half of you adult life and give you the practical tools to write your next chapter. And, their first US campus is launching this spring in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Ask deep questions and find great answers on a sun-drenched stretch of the Pacific, far away from your day-to-day. Here, with the gifts of time, space, and a cohort of other curious learners, you’ll dig into challenges together, and discover what’s possible.

Here’s their amazing line-up of Baja workshops for the start of next year!


View all Baja, Mexico and Santa Fe, New Mexico workshops.


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Learn more at MEAwisdom.com.


Need more information? 

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