Madam Secretary Recap: My Boyfriend’s Back- Eric Stoltz

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Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters with their weekly recap of the CBs drama Madam Secretary starring Tea Leoni, Tim Daly & Eric Stolzt. Tectonic Shift but could have been called Complicated Relationships: US and Venezuela; Secretary of State and Older Sister Bess and War Zone Doctor and Little Brother Will;  Nadine and the wife of the man she had an affair with her boss. There’s an earthquake in Venezuela, but there are tectonic shifts all over DC in this episode. Like the face-off between Nadine and Arabella over the former Secretary of State. Also, in the “how did they know” category, fake news becomes a key plot point in the episode like it has (sadly) become a plot point in our actual elections. Plus, a lot of male bonding happening in the McCord kitchen with yogurt, sparkling water and nubby fibers. Joing us for this week’s Madam Secretary Recap Podcast.

th-8Binders full of blouses
On Bess, we loved the blueBlouse. Again.
Great blue earrings!
Dress down Daisy and Nadine! Casual Sunday at State/
But special commendations to the many many cargo looks of Will, aka Eric Stoltz. Aka Lian’s boyfriend :
The cargo pants, the cargo jacket, the cargo bags, the brown corduroy blazer that is so 1983! 
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