Love in the Time of Cholera and For People Who Go out at Night

This is Sheila and I am happy to bring you my first post on Slog! Liz and I were out on the town last night at the AFI Closing Night Gala and special screening of Love in the Time of Cholera. Javier Bardem stars in this multi generational tale based on the novel by the same name. I missed the book first time around, but my capsule review of the movie is: Read the Book–it has to better than the movie.

Sorry to Mike Newell who directed this. But let’s dish about the fun part of the night!

After the screening, there was a VIP party which we had wristbands for. Yeah! There are lots of people who go at night–who knew? There are also a lot of people (men and women) wearing leopard prints in Los Angeles. Liz was on top of things as usual, getting us press passes and tickets to this hot event which took place on the rooftop of the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood. There were lots of people mingling, looking around, waiting in line for free drinks, pushing their projects and trying to get into the “special tents” which all had a slightly different vibe.

Here is a breakdown of the food because that is the most important part of any party:

1. First we hit the Heavy Hitters” tent and stole some exclusive hors d’oeuvres which were paid for by people other than us. They included shrimp and chicken on skewers. Liz and I love mixing and matching skewers. I finally got chased by a PR intern who was yelling, “Mam! Come back with that chicken!” as Liz and I ran for the next tent. As Julianne Moore said in the movie Magnolia–Don’t You Call Me Mam!!!!

2. We hit the “Free For All” Tent with booming music, free drinks and lots of smokers. Ugh. Love in the Time of Retro was more like it.

3. In between we hit the Copious Dessert Bar and wolfed down cupcakes, pecan bars and brownies as we dashed to the “Groovy Tent” last.

4. The best for last was the “Groovy Tent” which was only letting five people at a time in. Wow. It was worth the humiliating wait in line though for the great snacks which included black bean pancakes, mini stuffed mushrooms and more sweets.

You get the picture. Well, maybe you won’t see the picture, Love in the Time of…but don’t let it be said that Liz and I don’t get our money worth at these events.

(I even stayed up way past the Witching Hour.)

Signing off on my First Day of Slogging!!

Sheila Dolan

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