Liz: T-minus Five Hours

It is T-minus five hours and 10 minutes. That’s T for Turkey. I am upstairs at Julie’s house in Dallas. Downstairs, Julie and our mother are chopping, sauteeing, slicing and dicing the butternut squash and turnip for the root vegetable extravavaganza and the sausage for the stuffing. The big bird is sitting on top of the stove coming to room temp. It’s scheduled to go in the oven in 30 minutes so everything is good to go for a 3 pm start time. They are working hard.
Me? Not so much. Once again I have been put in charge of items that require no cooking and very little prep time at all. I am in charge of the appetizers. I didn’t even have to choose what they would be. At our family Thanksgiving, they are kept to a minimum: celery and olives trays plus a delicious chicken liver pate on toast. I don’t even have to toast the toast. Mom already did that.
Most years I also get assigned things like ice but it appears Julie’s husband is already on top of that.
I am fine with my limited role in the food prep process. I try to be a good guest and earn my keep by really pitching in on the clean-up end.
I’ve always believed in the motto “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” I think Karl Marx said that. Or maybe Groucho Marx, who was quite the expert on working with his siblings.
If you are not the cook in your crowd, what role have you carved out for yourself on Turkey Day? No matter what it is, have a great Thanksgiving.

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