Liz: A Day I Have Been Dreading

It’s been building for several months now. The dread & the fear. Finally today I had to deal with it. Yes. Pinkberry is now open two blocks from my home – the snackification of my street continues. Cupcake shops are sprouting everyhwere, too.

Why am I worried about Pinkberry? According to to LA Times last summer, Pinkberry is “the taste that launched a thousand parking tickets.” I don’t get it but these little shops have developed a cult-like following around Southern California. Here’s more from the LA Times story that ran about the shop in another part of town:

This is a story about yogurt, but it is also about entrepreneurship, financial and cultural expectations, beating the heat, beating the caloric system and parking. It’s a feel-good story about an ambitious 32-year-old Korean woman whose small business has become successful beyond all reasonable expectations. And it’s a feel-bad story about a sleepy neighborhood attacked, out of nowhere, by an army of frozen-yogurt fiends.

Fiends! Frozen Yogurt Fiends! Who are these people? It’s not that I am afraid of the people. If I needed to flee, I know I could outrun them because they are all wearing Ugg boots. It’s more that I wonder who’s got the time to become such a frozen yogurt fiend that they can wait in line for it for 30 minutes.

I’ll admit that I am not a line person. Maybe that’s my problem. I believe there’s nothing worth waiting for that isn’t also worth coming back later for.

One last question to the crowd: Do you people realize there are only TWO flavors?

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