Liz is the co-host of a new workplace advice podcast called I Hate My Boss. She and her co-host will have some fun trying to help stamp out Bad Bossery and all the other drama that unfolds at the office. Call or write if you have your own dilemma. Workplace drama. Comedic relief.

In addition to Satellite Sisters, Liz is going to be co-hosting a new workplace advice show called I Hate My Boss.  It launches on Monday, so today instead of a New-To-You episode in your feed, we are releasing an advance listen to @IHateMyBoss with a special intro just for Satellite Sisters listeners. Link is below.   Liz will introduce the Satellite Sisterhood to the new Satellite Mister in her life, executive coach and co-host Larry Seal, founder of Engaged Leadership.  Their first episode is called Fear, Change and Six Glasses Of Rose.

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To ask a question on I Hate My Boss, email the show at  Or call the hotline to leave a message.  The number is 424-224-5711.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you can.  

Meet executive coach Larry Seal, Satellite Mister and Liz’s co-host on her new podcast I Hate My Boss. You can read all about him here.


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Liz has one favor to ask.  Please do not send your questions to her directly on email or social media.  They need to go to the show’s producers.  If you want to be sure she sees them, just be sure to mention that you are a Satellite Sister.  Thanks, Satellite Sisters!