Lian’s Rhythm Nation Triumph, Julie’s Data on Drunk Shopping, Liz’s Salute to Anti-Influencers

Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal in Love Story. Who could forget? On today’s pod, we recommend the new sports show Hall of Shame from Crooked Media but offer to be their Boomer + Gen X culture and sports coaches when they can’t quite place the romance of OUR generation. Good luck on your new show, sisters. We are here for you.

Lian nails Rhythm Nation at her dance showcase. Actual video posted here in Satellite Sisters Facebook Group! Julie needs a ruling on some grocery store behavior. Liz thinks anti-influencers might be getting a bum rap. Plus the rise of drunk shopping, the end of Safe For Work, shout-out to the Time 100 and L A Times Sports Game Changers.

In Entertaining Sisters, Liz recommends the new sports podcast Hall of Shame from Crooked Media and offers to be the hosts’ go-to baby boomer for generational sports and cultural references. (It’s okay that you didn’t know Love Story but call us for help. Style icon Ali McGraw and Preppy Prince Ryan O’Neal deserve better!)

Liz recommends A Tidy Inbox for all who need some online organizational troubleshooting. Worth every dollar for her to get the calendars and inboxes synced!

Lian announces the latest winners in The Sweeney Sisters giveaway and had some dates for her book tour. They are all at

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