Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters cover the Women’s March in Washington DC. Lian attended the historic march in the nation’s capital and she has a full report about the spirit of the march, the power of Washington symbols, the success of the Pussy hats and, of course, Madonna. But mainly, the marching. Listen to the newest podcast here.


Julie’s offers her first First Ladies Desk Report of the new administration. She would like to remind us of the rules of civility that extend not only to the First Lady but to the entire First Family.  We can do this, people.

Liz tells us about her visit last week San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  It’s a gorgeous historic city in the mountains and a great example of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site.  She read, she walked and she even took a cooking class at a local school La Cocina.  What is this world coming to??

Julie has Tuesday Trends.  The first is about Rustic Cuffs.  The second is Daybreaker.  She suggests the latter for Liz and Lian in Los Angeles as part of their new morning routines.

Liz reaches a laziness low-point.  Blame it on the FitBit. Hear all about it, plus the launch of her Operation Sea Turtle with a Twist.

We have a few gut reactions to the Oscar nominations.  Lots of good movies we can get behind this year but there may be a showdown in Best Song.  Julie wants Justin Timberlake, of course.  Liz wants Lin-Manuel Miranda, of course.  And Lian is solidly behind LaLaLand.

We close with a thank you from Liz who is very grateful for all your kind thoughts and messages about the loss of her beloved dog Ferris.  Special shout-out to Kathleen from Mountain View CA for a lovely note and to Samantha for posting her fun game on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. We love it with a chainsaw.