Classic: Liz for the Supremes by Lian Dolan

Let’s be rational about this. I was excited to hear that a spot on the Supreme Court was opening up because I thought finally, finally, Liz was in a good spot to get the nod. But, maybe the timing isn’t good? Maybe there are other issues? Liz, help me out here!

Still, I’m surprised I don’t see the name “Liz Dolan” on any short lists. I’m sure this is an oversight and once the search team gets down to business, Liz will make the cut. And, because I know Liz is busy running a TV network and bringing fro-yo to my mom in this hospital, I made a little Pros and Cons list for her. It’s big decision, moving to Washington for the rest of your life. Here we go…

Pros and Cons about Liz Dolan becoming a Supreme Court Justice.


Liz doesn’t wear that much black anymore. Since she moved to LA, Liz has embraced a softer side of the color palette: browns, grays, blues. Not so much black as her NYC days. She could “soften” the robe like Ruth B-G does with lace collars. Liz could wear Gap gauze scarves for younger touch.

John Roberts already has top job. Liz likes to be in charge. Control the “show flow”, as we used to say. Could be hard for her to let somebody else “run the meeting”, especially another smarty pants like JR.

Technically, Liz is not a lawyer. But she has been our legal counselor for years and look where we are. Still, could make confirmation challenging.

DC is not LA. We like Liz here. She’s a good time. We’d miss her and Ferris, of course.


Not that many hours. Those Supremes work like 5 months a year. Ample vacation and lots of support staff. Clerks could plan family Thanksgiving at Smithsonian which would be awesome!

Job for life. The benefits look excellent. Much better then the Satellite Sisters package which is limited to a lifetime supply of “Satellite Sister” press kits and cork-backed coasters with logo.

Sticking it to all the MBAs, JDs, and old boyfriends. Think of the emotional satisfaction at college reunions when you show up and you are a Supreme Court Justice thanks to your Comparative Literature major! No grad school, suckers! And what are your better educated classmates/roommates/old boyfriends doing? “Consulting.” Yes!

College recommendations for nieces and nephews. Like my children. Just saying, Liz, really.

I think the choice is obvious, Liz. And you too, Mr. President.

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