Latest Intra-Sister Contest

On Saturday’s show, we announced an all new, intra-sister contest. This one involves all 5 of us. You will once again be the judges.

In keeping with the holiday spirit (not to mention the spirit of competition between the 5 of us), each of us has to wrap 1 box, roughly the size of a bread box (a bit bigger than a shoe box) for her assigned Sister, using supplies that come up to no more than $20.

When the boxes are wrapped, 2 pictures will be posted by each sister of her entry along with 1 (one) paragraph explaining the wrapping choices based on the subject.

The assignments are as follows:

  • Lian wraps Julie
  • Monica wraps Liz
  • Sheila wraps Monica
  • Liz wraps Sheila
  • Julie wraps Lian

We will announce the winner LIVE on the air December 15.

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