Julie’s Nana Academy, Lian’s Strategies for Dealing, Liz’s Cooking Takeaways

So how’s everyone doing out there? Lian and Julie both have observations about managing these strange times, while Liz is cooking things up in the kitchen. That’s right, Liz of all people! She’s also cancelling all of her Olympic-related plans. She explains why.

For Liz and others learning to cook, Lian recommends Valerie Bertinelli’s show in the Food Network.

For TV viewing, Julie recommends The Stranger on Netflix.

Lian still has the college radio DJ skills. To listen to Lian’s new Satellite Sisters playlists, download the Spotify app to your phone. Spotify. Search on Satellite Sisters and you’ll see the white logos for her playlists. You’ll also see blue logos for more than 840 Satellite Sisters podcasts.

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