In Remembrance of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Hello, Satellite Sisterhood…

Lian here on a Friday afternoon.

As we remember Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s life and legacy, I took a look back at some of the moments we spoke about her on Satellite Sisters.

First, I wrote a piece in 2010 about hearing her speak at Maria’s Shriver’s First Ladies Conference in Long Beach.  (See Column below.)

We also spoke about her legacy on this podcast in 2018 when she was diagnosed with dementia. Listen here.


They changed history… and brought their pocketbooks. Diane Sawyer, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in 2010 at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference.


Here are my Random Thoughts about that day in 2010 when Liz and I saw Justice O’Connor and Justice Ginsberg on stage together. 

Yesterday Liz and I went to Maria Shriver’s Last Hurrah as the First Lady of California. She hosted The Women’s Conference, a day-long event  of inspiring speeches and panel discussions under the banner of “Women as the Architects of Change”  that has become the largest conference for women in the world. The speakers list  yesterday included:  Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsberg; Michelle Obama; Dr. Jill Biden; Laura Bush; Mary Oliver; Oprah Winfrey; Mary J. Blige; Eve Ensler; and Maria Shriver herself ,who blows me away every year. ( To see the whole agenda, plus webcasts, click here) We will be giving a full report on a special Satellite Sisters podcast tomorrow, but in the meantime , here are some

Random Thoughts:


14,000 women doing anything is an impressive sight. But 14,000 women giving Justice Sandra Day O’Connor a spontaneous standing ovation as she simply walks through the crowd is spine-tingling.

Best Moment of the Day: When Diane Sawyer introduced  Justice O’ Connor and Justice Ginsberg and they both walked out on stage WITH THEIR POCKETBOOKS! Like the Queen. Priceless!

Sheila was right: Brian Williams is funny and charming. I stand corrected.

Both Jill Biden and Michelle Obama gave moving and rousing speeches about the need to reach out to military spouses who face the same challenges we all do, times ten. What can we do, military spouses? Put suggestions below.

Laura Bush gave a delightful and  funny speech about her post-White House life, including a very funny story about Barbara Bush. Julie, I wish you were there.

I am sorry I didn’t have time to enjoy the “brow-shaping” bar sponsored by the Style Channel. I scored a last minute ticket to see Robert Redford, so I skipped the browbar.

Yes, Robert Redford is still Hubble.

Gayle King, Jessica Simpson, Lisa Leslie, Jess Weiner and Katherine Schwarzenegger made for a fantastic, funny, insightful panel on self-esteem and young girls. Way to go, Dove. Someone give those 5 a TV show.

First Moment of Empathy: watching the poor, outnumbered men searching for the few men’s rooms that hadn’t been turned into women’s rooms.

Second Moment of Empathy: watching the Women’s Conference newbies standing in line at 6 am in four-inch heels. Hahaha. I’ve made that mistake before, being overly ambitious in the shoe department at a conference that is 12 hours long and requires lots of walking on hard cement floors.

The world needs Eve Ensler and her passion and voice even if it seems like a lot at lunchtime.

I want to be like poet Mary Oliver when I grow up, comfortable with myself and my work to wear a simple black turtleneck and black pants with a nice, little haircut.

Those Shriver girls sure got the hair gene.

Don’t get me started on Matt Lauer, who used a  journalistic cheap trick to get 14,000 women to boo Meg Whitman, the female candidate for Governor in California. Hey, Matt, now that you’ve had your little “news at 11” moment, better get going or you’ll miss your tee time!

Nothing wraps up a conference like Ms. Oprah Winfrey in fine form.

We will miss you, Maria Shriver! I wonder who Mr. Whitman or Mrs. Brown is going to be able to reel in for next year