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I Surrender to Halloween



Snoopy’s Halloween run is coming to an end.

This is Julie and I think Halloween should be a child-centered, family-friendly event, filled with happy costumes and mildly-spooky decorations devoid of  grotesque and/or adult-themed images. I don’t like scary clowns, macabre scenes, or haunted houses. I told my position to my hairdresser, Cam, and he said, ” Well, I guess you’re just not into Halloween”.

For years on Satellite Sisters, I complained about the adultification of Halloween.  I warned that it was wrong for adults to takeover a children’s holiday. I called for adults to focus on the grownup holidays like New Year’s Eve and leave Halloween as a night of fun for kids.  I opposed adults in costumes unless accompanied by a child, costumes in the workplace and sexy adult costumes.  I sensed that there would be unintended negative consequences of co-opting a children’s holiday. I ranted and nobody listened.

My hairdresser said it all. I realize now that Halloween has passed me by. I surrender. Halloween is all grown up and it is never going back to the holiday of my childhood.  No amount of complaining on my part is going to bring back Snoopy.   People want parties, parades, and pumpkin kegs.  They want less candy for kids and more cocktails. I don’t agree with the new Halloween but I accept that I cannot change it.  I plan to just stop complaining.  I know now that nobody listening because they’re too busy shopping for a Sexy Darth Vader costume.  I plan to suffer silently… so just go ahead and have yourselves a very, happy Halloween.