I Have Been Wearing The Wrong Bra size for 20 Years by Liz Dolan

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Before Third Love came aboard as a Satellite Sisters sponsor, Liz spent a lot years in the wrong bra size. From the Satellite Sisters Blog Archives: Satellite Sisters Merch

I won’t get into specifics of the size difference, so don’t even try.   Trust me, I was way off!  First of all, I want to thank Delly at the lingerie department at Macy’s for her incredulous look when I told her what size I was looking for. I followed it up with, “I know…it is the most difficult size to find, and I understand if you don’t have it.”  She looked at me again, for a long, long time. We don’t even let boyfriends and husbands look at us like that.  Dellie had work to do, and she knew this was going to be a big job convincing me of a major size change in both areas, if you know what I mean. She took out her tape and measured. She shook her head, and told me my new size. “Just try,” Dellie pleaded.

The eternal search for the perfect bra can be lifelong.  We have all seen the shows, read the articles and experienced being measured, pulled and cinched. We think we have reached our goal, only to find there is a new bra on the market that not only lifts and shapes but also pays our monthly bills. As my sisters know, I have fallen for all the gimmicks and false words of praise from department store clerks. I have been to what would be the equivalents of doctors in the world of bra fitting. They flaunt certificates on the wall, and have a haughty air of self-importance about their ability to fit every woman. Have you been in an open dressing room lately?  Every woman in America is wearing the wrong size!

“Oh, that is perfect on you!”  “Don’t adjust it!” “It hurts now, I know, but that is the right size for you!” I have been there, done that. Delly gave me three new bras in my new size and BINGO!  I did the tee-shirt test and the other humiliating things women do to see if their new bra supports. They worked for me.

One must be careful for another reason when shopping for a new bra. I don’t know about you, but I only force myself to get new bras when my old ones could walk out the door on their own. It is like getting your hair cut. You always go when you are beyond the legal life of your bra. They should come with expiration dates. Bras are very expensive too, but wouldn’t you know it, my Delly gave me a pre-sale discount today!

So, my suggestion: go when your bras are still wearable. Don’t assume you are the same size from  year to year, day to day or even hour to hour! Don’t trust anyone with a pink measuring tape. Stay in the dressing room as long as you can. Pray that you will not have to return another three bras after you have brought them home and realized you fell for that new bra feeling once again. That was right before you triumphantly threw your old bra in the trash outside the store, like I always do.

So, have you reached the end of your search?


Satellite Sister Liz

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