Great email, Sandy from Idaho.

Sandy sent us this great email below (I shortened it slightly) about how she and her husband listened to podcasts on their most recent road trip. Thanks, Sandy. Your husband sounds like a true Satellite Mister. Congratulations on that baby and keep us posted at


I must start off by expressing how much I’ve enjoyed the show since I discovered you a few years ago… I now download your podcasts and listen to you in the car, while gardening, cleaning horse stalls, cleaning house, etc. The 5 of you make the dirtiest of chores enjoyable – a compliment, truly!

Had to pass on: during a recent road trip from North Idaho to Seattle for a conference with my husband, I explained to him I had a few of your podcasts on the ipod and asked if he would want to listen. First, let me explain, my husband is a Carhart/Wrangler wearing, North Idaho hunting contractor – I’m sure not your target demographic. Anyhow, we listened to 2 shows on your drive to Seattle and often paused the show to have our own discussion about your topics. On the return trip, he asked, “do you have any more Satellite Sisters?” so we listened to 2 more shows. It was one of the best road trips in years! We’ve known each other 20 years, been together nearly 11, and own 2 businesses together. Road trips usually consist of him driving and me reading magazines, with little discussion. Thank you for your company and moderation.

Lastly, I’m pregnant and always listen to the show during my daily walks from my office. I can’t image the scene I made walking past office buildings while listening to your account of the “Copy that Cover” contest. I had to cross my legs and bend over every 15 feet for half a mile, attempting to not pee my pants (failed).

Happy trails!

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