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FAVORITES for Summer ’24!

This summer we will be posting some of our FAVORITE episodes ever!  Some from way back in the archive, others published more recently – these are the shows that still make us laugh.  We start today with a classic:  Dolan Family College-Dropoffs.  That’s right.  Lian’s tale of how she actually got to college in California includes a lot of family lore plus and some hilarious details of other drop-offs too.  No one would ever accuse Edna and Jim Dolan of helicopter parenting.

Hear the details of Lian’s drop-off at Pomona, Liz’s at Brown, Monica’s at Georgetown and Sheila’s at a Howard Johnson Motor Lodge.

Play the episode here. 

Do you have a favorite you would like us to rerelease this summer?  Get the link to the episode and post it in the Facebook Group, on the Facebook Page or just email it to us at hello@satellitesisters.com.

This episode also has strategies for not eating that half a blueberry pie and a news round-up including the Chilean miners and Larry King. Lian and Liz both have suggestions for who should get Larry King’s timeslot including Katie Couric, Bob Costas and pretty much anyone but Piers Morgan.

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