Sure, we'll wake up to a whole new America tomorrow, but let's talk about Koalas in Carry-Ons.

Sure, we’ll preview our Election Night strategies and wake up to a whole new America tomorrow, but let’s talk about Koalas in Carry-Ons. Who doesn’t want one of these?

Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters have Team Coverage of Election Night Strategies! how best to watch the election results, what snacks to eat and how to get through the next 24 hours. For Julie, it can’t end soon enough and she is focused on maintaining serenity. Lian is poised and ready to go mid-afternoon when the polls close in the East and the coverage starts in the West. Taco Bar at Lian’s house! And, because the Satellite Sisterhood asked,  Liz previews her entire Election Day schedule including snacking, swimming, parking, party planning, and, oh yeah, voting.  Plus, Liz previews all the free things she can get with her I Voted sticker. And, a moving letter from a friend and new American voting for the first time. It’s our Election Day Special with the Satellite Sisters for all your Election-Adjacent News and no Magic Board


In other news: 

For many years, Liz has advocated one universal time zone. This week, she has company from some big hitters at Johns Hopkins. From the New York Times,  Dump Time Zones. 

Thanksgiving a few weeks early! Julie scoops the rest of the country and is having Thanksgiving this weekend with all the fixing and two pies.

Need a splash of color in your house?  Liz previews the Color of the Year from Benjamin Moore:  

In a Downton Drought? Still miss high class British accents and too many servants? Then check out the new Netflix drama,The Crown.  Julie binge watches the first few episodes and gives the lavish production Two Corgis Up. Liz adds her two cents for your Netflix cue, The Amanda Know Documentary, a fascinating look at how media shaped the verdict.