Downton Abbey Recap, #staynoisy Women, Investment Clubs for Women, Global Travel

Downton Gabby is back as Lian and Julie recap the Downton Abbey film. Disloyal tomfoolery, indeed!

#StayNoisy shoutouts to Meghan Markle, Michelle Williams, Alex Borstein and Greta Thunberg. Well done, sisters.

Julie’s Tuesday trends:

Mass Weddings

Lavender Everything

Where in the world is Liz Dolan? You can find out about her latest adventure by following @SatSisters on Instagram and #satsisterstravel. Liz has provided these clues: She’ll be in a country she has never visited before, after flying there on an airline she has never flown. She’ll be near a famous body of water she has never seen but you might be able to see her on TV.

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