Don’t Take The First One

Don’t take the first one. Boy, I wish I had learned that lesson early on. It would have saved me from a lot of bad bosses, bad hairdressers and well, a bad first marriage (but I have hope for a better second!) I am what you call the excitable type and just love to jump right in there and take the first one. Coupled with that is the impatience of a five year old. It is a bad combination but at least I am learning.

This week I have done a lot of reflecting about where I live, and realize, that after six years, the Cozy Cottage no longer serves me. As you all know I have Miss Upstairs keeping me unnerved most of the time I am home, and who needs that? So, I did some searching and looking for a new place this week. “Don’t take the first one Sheila,” I can almost hear Liz say. Lian might add, “This isn’t any bigger that the other place except that it has a closet!” Julie would tell me to dress up for the interview and Monica might make sure that it is close to a Baja Fresh. I love my sisters for trying to keep me on the right path; all good advice while looking for a new apartment.

Well, the first one was a dump but I wanted it anyway. Ugh, I am so predictable. It had absolutley no security but tons of charm. I hate those charmers; they get me every time. I’ll paint those putrid stucco walls, I thought, even though I don’t paint and have no house skills. Some plants would help even though I kill everything I even look at in the green world. Wow, that stove is even uglier than my depression era one I have now, but I suppose can cover it with pots I never use. You see where I am going with this? Even the bathroom (the most important room in the house) was, in my mind, a total fixer upper and one that would take weeks to scrub and even longer to repair.

What was I thinking? Well, I wasn’t thinking. I am feeling trapped in the Cozy Cottage. I am clearly disturbed by my upstairs neighbor even though she is the disturbed one. Finally, I am restless from the feeling that I can no longer hang up my clothes anywhere because the walls are closing on on me here. I just keep hanging dry clean clothes outside in the grotto to “air.”

Oh, I know I will move soon, but where? What are the most important factors in where you live? Is it Safety, Neighbors or Charm? Sunlight, Quiet or Parking? Let me know…I would love to factor it all in when I make that unemotional but happy move to someplace bigger very soon!

Thanks for your help!

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