Doha Diaries, Track & Field, Travel Tips, Spacewalks, Chip + Joanna, Ann Patchett

First of all, Allyson Felix!  Winningest T&F athlete ever! Second, Mixed Relays? Such crazy good fun! We love ’em!  Finally, you don’t watch Track & Field? Listen to us explain why you should. The World Championships are coming to the USA in 2021. Sign up for info now at just cuz Liz says so.

We bring home the gold from the World Track + Field Championships in Doha, Qatar! Liz was behind-the-scenes and has sports news, art news and some travel hacks to share.If you are planning to attend the FIFA World Cup in Doha in 2022, you’ll especially want to listen.

Entertaining Sisters: Julie says “run don’t walk” to see Ann Patchett on her 31 city book tour. Go to  And on the tube, check out the movie: The Operative

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