Childhood photos of the sisters

For my 50th birthday party in September, my friend Mary Duffy put together a fantastic slide show of me through the ages. I say fantastic only because 1) most of the pictures include the rest of my brothers and sisters too, and 2) the camera broke when I was about twelve – before those awkward adolescent years kicked in. Because childhood photos just don’t work that well on the radio, I thought I should post them here. It’s posted on YouTube but only 2766 of you have viewed them there. What’s up with that? Anyway, check it out and please add your own comments on the many matching bathing suits and bad plaids you see. Extra points awarded if you can identify each sister in the apple-bobbing photo. name for web design company . And, yes, that is really me in the Easter Bunny suit.
Part Two, the grown-up years, does not provide the same high level of hilarity but does supply an excellent cavalcade of Satellite Sisters haircuts from the 70’s to today.

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