The New Podcast is up and boy (or should we say girl) do we have news! Surprising Baby update from Sheila, shocking sports news from a new investigation of abuse in women’s soccer and fashion FIRE from the Blake Shelton x Land’s End collab.   Thank you to our sponsors and to listeners who support […]

Surprise Line-Up Today! Special Guest Sheila Dolan joins Julie and Liz to talk about becoming a first-time grandmother. Julie has plenty of advice for first-time grandparents and Sheila is ready to listen!   Russia: Julie is a former resident of Moscow and longtime Putin watcher. What does she think of what is happening in Russia […]

From Windsor Castle to Cape Cod to Dallas, Texas, we have news, talk, laughs and corgis on today’s show. Click the link below to listen. (Or this link.) Find our sponsor links below that. And show notes and links below the sponsors. Thanks for being here at     Thanks to our Sponsors and […]

The sisters discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth, all the surrounding pomp, even her fashion sense. Plus do you have a doppleganger? Science says your twin is out there! . How do dentists care for their own teeth (a couple of surprises) and a new eating disorder had been diagnosed and named. Also Martha Stewart […]

  Boo! It’s the spooky season, witches! And time for another Wicked Witch Book List to celebrate all things magical, complex, dark, dangerous and be-hatted. Of all the other worldly feminine archetypes in literature– from Vampiresses to Mermaids to Fairies– it’s witches I like best. I find them endlessly fascinating and I think it’s because […]



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