The sisters discuss the death of Queen Elizabeth, all the surrounding pomp, even her fashion sense. Plus do you have a doppleganger? Science says your twin is out there! . How do dentists care for their own teeth (a couple of surprises) and a new eating disorder had been diagnosed and named. Also Martha Stewart […]

  Boo! It’s the spooky season, witches! And time for another Wicked Witch Book List to celebrate all things magical, complex, dark, dangerous and be-hatted. Of all the other worldly feminine archetypes in literature– from Vampiresses to Mermaids to Fairies– it’s witches I like best. I find them endlessly fascinating and I think it’s because […]

  Liz muses about a milestone birthday, Lian’s son moves out and Julie get positive emotional support from the dairy drinkers in the Satellite Sisterhood. Book and TV recommendations plus we revive our #satsisterstravel on @Instagram. Thanks to our Sponsors and thanks to our listeners who support the companies who support us.  Butcher Box […]

August 23, 2022 Season 22 kicks off today ! We celebrate ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS so far in 2022! Plus, let’s hear it for summer vacation, recapturing the empty nest, walking our way to better health and movies you can take you Mom to. (And one you really shouldn’t.) Listen to the Podcast here Find the […]

Optimism Boost! TV Recs! Music Fest Do’s and Don’ts! The new podcast is up and it’s chockfull of information, tips, strategies and yes, even cats. Plus, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan talk to health educator Stephanie Weaver about her personal journey with Migraine, her diet plan for migraine relief and other information for migraine sufferers. Stephanie […]



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