It’s been building for several months now. The dread & the fear. Finally today I had to deal with it. Yes. Pinkberry is now open two blocks from my home – the snackification of my street continues. Cupcake shops are sprouting everyhwere, too. Why am I worried about Pinkberry? According to to LA Times last […]

It’s Sheila again with a daily update…on my day. Redundant, I know but I never was good at introductions. Well, technically it is a report on a little over a half of my day. I was never good at fractions either but if my day started (not because I wanted it to mind you) at […]

Julie here The Dallas Morning News reports today that Texas is last in the nation in the percentage of drivers with personalized license plates. FYI- Virginia ranks first with more than 16 percent of vehicles having personalized plates. Reasons cited for the low vanity in the lone star state is the time-consuming application process, low […]

Yesterday, we had an excellent November wind and rain storm in Portland. Nature did some pruning of one of the big trees in my yard. This picture is funny to me for two reasons: 1. On Sunday, I did hours of yard work and my backyard was looking pristine. 2. I had a debate with […]

This is Sheila and I am happy to bring you my first post on Slog! Liz and I were out on the town last night at the AFI Closing Night Gala and special screening of Love in the Time of Cholera. Javier Bardem stars in this multi generational tale based on the novel by the […]



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