I went to the beach yesterday and was reminded that I once went to Surf Camp. Learning how to surf at my age was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I loved the “idea” of being a surfer but never really got back to it after I got home. As I watched […]

Okay, you know me well enough to know that Larry King drives me crazy. It’s not that he doesn’t have great guests on great subjects. It’s just that he asks the wackiest questions. parental security . Just when you think there’s an obvious follow-up or natural next step, he comes out of the blue with […]

Another classic day in the adventures of Lian, Mother of Boys. Yesterday, as my 7th grader Brookes was walking out the door, he turned to me and said, in his usual vague way, “I think I need a Queen Elizabeth costume for tomorrow. Can you get me one?” Sure, after the grocery store and before […]

It’s been building for several months now. The dread & the fear. Finally today I had to deal with it. Yes. Pinkberry is now open two blocks from my home – the snackification of my street continues. Cupcake shops are sprouting everyhwere, too. Why am I worried about Pinkberry? According to to LA Times last […]

It’s Sheila again with a daily update…on my day. Redundant, I know but I never was good at introductions. Well, technically it is a report on a little over a half of my day. I was never good at fractions either but if my day started (not because I wanted it to mind you) at […]



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