Today we begin posting a daily “classic” Satellite Sisters podcast Monday through Friday. These are past broadcasts of ours that have never been available online before. Just go to the audio page at ( and all is explained. You can also go to iTunes and subscribe to the daily podcast. This is what I […]

Sandy sent us this great email below (I shortened it slightly) about how she and her husband listened to podcasts on their most recent road trip. Thanks, Sandy. Your husband sounds like a true Satellite Mister. Congratulations on that baby and keep us posted at Ladies, I must start off by expressing how much […]

Hello, all. This is Lian. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just finished a marathon mantle-scaping session. I can’t stop after the tablescaping competition. Show me a surface, and I want to theme it! My mantle went from Fall Foliage with a Touch of Halloween to Give Thanks for Thanksgiving. My mother sent me a big […]

It’s been great to get so many of your good wishes over the past few weeks. Keep those emails coming. We love them. The address is behalf of our dogs, who rarely get to speak for themselves, we would like to send a special thank you to Cindy in Norwalk, CT. Cindy makes dog […]

For my 50th birthday party in September, my friend Mary Duffy put together a fantastic slide show of me through the ages. I say fantastic only because 1) most of the pictures include the rest of my brothers and sisters too, and 2) the camera broke when I was about twelve – before those awkward […]



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