A study comparing American students with other students from other countries shows that even low performing states like Alabama do better in math and science than other European countries such as Italy and Norway. We can also take some pride in that American students are comparable to peers in Slovakia and Estonia and we are […]

I am thinking of attending a class at my gym tomorrow night called Blissed Out. The instructor Jill Miller wants to teach us how to breathe.Part of me thinks this sounds like an excellent first step on the road to slowing down and tuning up. I aspire to go from being Type A to maybe […]

Last night, my friend Liz hosted “Ladies Night”. This is my group of Portland friends that have dinner together once a month, and have been doing so for 15 years. The hostess provides the venue and the main entree and the rest of us fill in with appetizers, salad, wine and the all important desert. […]

This is Liz. Some of my favorite emails are the ones where you let us know about some kind of error on our site or in the podcast, but you do it in SUCH a nice way. Here’s one we got today: I enjoyed the Sisters version of the Chipmunks (the speeded up version) on […]

I went back to blog school today for some advanced training. Or at least it seemed pretty advanced for me. My homework assignment was to post a picture. I couldn’t resist. I thought you might enjoy seeing beautiful baby Alice, my granddaughter. Alice and her parents are planning a visit to Dallas during the holiday […]



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