We always love getting your mail at Satellite Sisters.This weekend we received a wonderful letter from Jessica asking for our advice about how to teach her children charity at the holidays. “I would like to ask for some advice…As a mother getting ready for the holidays I would like to know if you have any […]

A couple of years ago, my sisters suggested that I get a subscription to cable TV in order to broaden my TV viewing choices. I think it is no secret that I have developed a soft addiction to the Food Network channel and HGTV. I even bid on the HGTV dream house last year and […]

Just a quick post here about the Thanksgiving excitement building in NYC. Everytime I get into an elevator in my hotel, I seem to be with a teenager or two with a giant suitcase. Finally it dawned on me. That’s a tuba in there! Or a drum. Or a xylophone. The hotel is full of […]

Monday 11/19/07: (Original Broadcast date: 11/20/06) Liz’s Side dish Sampling! All of the recipes Liz picked are listed on the website. Click here. New York Times Columnist Alex Kuczynski, author of Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession with Cosmetic Surgery. http://www.alexkuczynski.com More Holiday Bazaar (keep in mind that the Spa weekend Liz talks about […]

A quick hit from the international front. As you may recall from listening to the International News Roundup, the King of Spain asked Venezuelan Hugo Chavez to “shut-up” at a recent summit in Chile after Chavez call the ex-Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar a “fascist“. Well, the Spanish think their King’s slightly uncivil […]



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