… until it isn’t. Sarah here: it seems that last year’s show experienced technical difficulties. Not on the air, but when it was being encoded to go up on the servers. So I apologize in advance that the 11/21 show will be light by 1 hour. It’s the last hour, so at least the continuity […]

I definitely outsmarted myself today. Expecting the worst kinds of delays in traffic on the roads and at security in the terminals, Lian and I left our hotel at noon for her 4 pm flight and my 5:30. Here’s the good news/bad news: By 1:10 pm, I was totally transported, checked in, frisked, xrayed, screened, […]

Tuesday 11/20/07: (Original Broadcast date: 11/21/06) Civility Challenge – How to have a stress-free Thanksgiving with family and friends! The latest chapter in Sheila’s financial fun! Update on Lian’s son’s Soccer…The Miracle on Grass. Listen

and I’m ready to go! Sheila here and it is t-minus 14 hours and counting to lift off from LAX to Dallas. Julie has been talking me through every step of the way and now I am on my own to get to the giant parking structure with enough time to stand in line for […]

We always love getting your mail at Satellite Sisters.This weekend we received a wonderful letter from Jessica asking for our advice about how to teach her children charity at the holidays. “I would like to ask for some advice…As a mother getting ready for the holidays I would like to know if you have any […]



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