Delightful, Delicious and Different is how I would describe my fantastic family Thanksgiving. Here is Family Picture Number One. Now, my brother-in-law Trem is taking the shot so I hope one of the sisters will upload Family Picture Number Two so you can all see Trem! From the left we have Mom and Dad, Me, […]

On Saturday’s show, we announced an all new, intra-sister contest. This one involves all 5 of us. You will once again be the judges. In keeping with the holiday spirit (not to mention the spirit of competition between the 5 of us), each of us has to wrap 1 box, roughly the size of a […]

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your families and friends.I did not make the journey to Dallas this year to Julie’s blowout back-in-the-states dinner, but I’m sure it was fabulous. Instead I had a wonder and mellow Thanksgiving dinner with my friends M and B in Portland. We had a fantastic and […]

Friday 11/23/07: (Original Broadcast date: 11/24/06) The Lab Rats field test peanut butter! Best-selling author Mitch Albom on his novel For One More Day. Busting bad babysitters!

It is T-minus five hours and 10 minutes. That’s T for Turkey. I am upstairs at Julie’s house in Dallas. Downstairs, Julie and our mother are chopping, sauteeing, slicing and dicing the butternut squash and turnip for the root vegetable extravavaganza and the sausage for the stuffing. The big bird is sitting on top of […]



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