The remains of my golden bird are now simmering on the stove as turkey soup. I have received text messages from Sheila, her daughter Ruth and Liz that they all made it back home on schedule. And I just packed my pilgrims and pumpkins in a plastic bin. I had a great holiday and I […]

Delightful, Delicious and Different is how I would describe my fantastic family Thanksgiving. Here is Family Picture Number One. Now, my brother-in-law Trem is taking the shot so I hope one of the sisters will upload Family Picture Number Two so you can all see Trem! From the left we have Mom and Dad, Me, […]

On Saturday’s show, we announced an all new, intra-sister contest. This one involves all 5 of us. You will once again be the judges. In keeping with the holiday spirit (not to mention the spirit of competition between the 5 of us), each of us has to wrap 1 box, roughly the size of a […]

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your families and friends.I did not make the journey to Dallas this year to Julie’s blowout back-in-the-states dinner, but I’m sure it was fabulous. Instead I had a wonder and mellow Thanksgiving dinner with my friends M and B in Portland. We had a fantastic and […]

Friday 11/23/07: (Original Broadcast date: 11/24/06) The Lab Rats field test peanut butter! Best-selling author Mitch Albom on his novel For One More Day. Busting bad babysitters!



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