What I am worried about today is the impact of the doll collectors voting block on the 2008 Presidential elections. Forget about soccer moms and NASCAR dads, it is the doll collectors who can deliver the White House. Who knows what will happen to our country if the doll collectors get behind a rogue candidate? […]

The coldsore arrived this morning, in full glory. I should have known it was coming, as the last 10 days have been an entertaining/working/planning/travelling/housecleaning/dishwashing/soccer marathon. And when I get stressed, I get a big fat lip on the left hand side, proof-positive that I once again over-scheduled myself. I’m not whining. I brought this coldsore […]

Three new burritos have been added to an already perfect menu at Baja Fresh.They are: the Big Beef and Potato, Cool Cabo Shrimp (“a shrimp in every bite”) and Spicy Shrimp Diablo.Shrimp burritos? I can’t wait!! Sheila

Well, its your Satellite mister…………..John Ramos here. I know you’re wondering what i’ve been up too. Well, I’ve started a job on the weekends at AM570 KLAC a sports radio station here in Los Angeles. During the Weekday i’m doing misc stuff like part time and freelance radio stuff. My wife Suzanne just lost her […]

If Marie Osmond wins Dancing with the Stars, I believe it will the end of the show. It’s the Sanjaya factor. Monica and I are monitoring the show tonight and will have a full report tomorrow.



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