I was stunned with the news that Helio Castroneves beat out Spice Girl Melanie Brown for the Dancing with the Stars Trophy. I really thought Mel B had done the best job dancing throughout the show and had really IMPROVED as a dancer. She was fun to watch and had a very positive attitude throughout […]

Hey Everyone: Just a reminder that Monica’s on Pacific Time and Julie’s on Central. So neither have seen the finale of DWTS. WE know who won here in the East, but they don’t yet! So if you wouldn’t mind, hold off on comments until 11PM PT so the surprise factor remains intact. After all, who […]

You know we like nothing better than a little friendly competition around Satellite Sisters HQ but would we ever sabotage one another’s work? Using poison make-up and evening wear? Wow, that takes creativity beyond our skills.Did you read that story about the Miss Puerto Rico Pageant incident where someone SPIKED Ingrid Marie Rivera’s gown and […]

So, it seems like everyone who reads our slog will be watching Dancing With The Stars tonight. Get cozy everyone because Celine might decide to sing three big numbers instead of two. She just hasn’t sang enough in the past five years. Getting back to Marie though, according to my unscientific data gathering, yesterday’s posting […]

I saw this announcement in the Lost & Found column in our local paper, and it made me say ahhhhh.I hope they get their bird back. “Still Lost Cockatiel “Bubba John”Very vocal, smart, sassy, sociable, intense, sassy.Says: Pretty Bubba, John, Birdie Mae, Peanut, no-no-no, here kitty-kitty, microwave sounds, has perfect pitch, whistles Jingle Bells and […]



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