Today is our Father’s 80th birthday- quite a milestone. As you may, remember we had a blowout surprise party weekend for him in Portland a couple of weeks ago. All of his eight children were in attendance as well as, some of our cousins and a handful of the grandkids. Here is a picture of […]

Just got in from the American Red Cross after donating my blood. It’s my small way of supporting the Red Cross. I do every eight weeks because it’s always painless for me, I can’t resist the nice volunteer ladies calls and it’s a great excuse to eat the free Oreos they give out in the […]

Don’t take the first one. Boy, I wish I had learned that lesson early on. It would have saved me from a lot of bad bosses, bad hairdressers and well, a bad first marriage (but I have hope for a better second!) I am what you call the excitable type and just love to jump […]

A study comparing American students with other students from other countries shows that even low performing states like Alabama do better in math and science than other European countries such as Italy and Norway. We can also take some pride in that American students are comparable to peers in Slovakia and Estonia and we are […]

I am thinking of attending a class at my gym tomorrow night called Blissed Out. The instructor Jill Miller wants to teach us how to breathe.Part of me thinks this sounds like an excellent first step on the road to slowing down and tuning up. I aspire to go from being Type A to maybe […]



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