Hi Everyone! I wanted to end the mystery about the brothers in Family Photo. I know lots of you are curious so here goes: Brother Jim is all the way in the back with the plaid shirt and glasses.Brother Dick is in front of him, and I believe that is Lian’s hand on his shoulder.Brendan […]

Gentlemen ( and Satellite Sisters), start your engines. It’s L.A. Auto Show time again. And, of course, having married into a family of car fanatics, I made a pilgrimage to the L.A. Convention Center this week to check out the new cars and the crowds of “Entourage” look-alikes. I prefer car shows to car races […]

Sheila here again slogging away at our new favorite endeavor: The Slog. We have had so much fun so far and we hope we you have too! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and questions. It must be fun for you to see your name up there on the Slog as well, so enjoy… […]

A mild case of panic set in this morning when I internalized the fact that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Frankly, I’ve been so busy learning how to blog on SLOG this week that I have lost track of the days. I will be hosting a minor ( by Dolan family standards) celebration […]

I promised myself I would attend the Breathe In, Bliss Out workshop at my gym tonight and I actually did it. That’s a win right there. I am on my way to total meditative relaxation. I warmed up by walking on the treadmill and watching the Democratic Presidential Debate on CNN. Note to all: Watching […]



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