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How’s Return to Work going for you? All in? Or a Resister? Plus, Co-working in your house and the secret to a happy retirement. Also, Looking Loudly, Ab Fab Coronation and Cap’n Crunch at Coachella. Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on this week’s podcast. Thank you to our sponsors and to listeners for […]

Julie Dolan on lessons learned from the Brooke Shield’s documentary Pretty Baby. Former Nike employees Lian Dolan and Liz Dolan on the Ben Affleck/Matt Damon movie, Air. Plus, Urban Otters, napping hacks and the paperback release of Lost and Found in Paris. Plus more details on the Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend!       […]

Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend!

On the podcast today, our big announcement about the Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend Big. Plus, We going to Space again on Artemis 2 and the power of a great obituary.        Thank you to today’s sponsors and for listeners who use these special urls and links to support them: Osea We love […]

Show Notes March 14, 2023 The Satellite Sisters were on the move last week. Lian Dolan went to the White House for the International Women of Courage and Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan went to the tennis tournament at Indian Wells. Details on both on the podcast.   Thank you to sponsors and to listeners […]

Today’s episode is entirely devoted to the subject of suicide.  Our guest is Charlotte Maya, author of a new book entitled Sushi Tuesdays about her experience losing her husband to suicide. We talk to Charlotte about the minutes, days, years after her husband death: what it was like to tell her children;  how she learned to […]



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