New Podcast is up! Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan weigh in on Thanksgiving, Travel for 2023, Friendships and Again and is it okay to wear tights instead of pants? Plus, some hair news that will blow(dry) your mind.   Thank you to our sponsors and to our listeners who uses these special urls […]

We give you a smattering of topics and information to dazzle at the Thanksgiving Table! World Cup and Bitter Business Bureau: This Week In Fraud should provide plenty to talk about over Thanksgiving.  Theranos, Ticketmaster, FTX – so much bad behavior. And more business drama – the return of Bob Iger to run Disney.   […]

It’s our Holiday Festive Food Special! Thanksgiving! Food Gifts! Holiday Pot Luck Winners! And the best Christmas Cookie of 2022! Fave cookbook author and guest Claire Tansey preps the Satellite Sisters for the holidays plus Julie’s got some trends, Lian has a great book gift list and Liz posts a video with instructions for the […]

New podcast and we cover a lot of ground, so buckle up! Lian Dolan gives the complete travel report on her book tour and Satellite Sisters Meet-Ups, Julie swears off camping then changes her mind on the Rio Grande, Liz shares a letter from the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group and the sisters offer advice on being […]

Maybe our BEST INTRA-SISTER CONTEST EVER. This was just too good not to repeat. Our 2008 Satellite Sisters Spookilicious Costume Challenge! Who won? Listen to today’s replay of the podcast episode that features guest judge Kathy Douglass, who does a bang-up job even without a costume! Accents and everything. The first witch is Julie… Julie: […]



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