To celebrate our special New York City Extravaganza Podcast, we asked the  Satellite Sister Community to contribute their own favorite spots to see in the Big Apple. And You delivered. Below is a compiled list of must-dos, must-sees, must-eats and must-drinks. Plus a few extra activities for the kids in NYC.   Top Thirteen!   […]

Satellite Sisters

Happy 20th Anniversary to us! If you enjoyed the podcast version of our 20th anniversary celebration, you’ll enjoy the visuals to go along with the history section of the show. You Tube choose the slide as the title slide. How perfect is that?        

Headed to the beach? The lake? The backyard with a long cool glass of iced tea? Be sure to pack a book in your bag. We’ve been reading, listening, laughing and cooking (!)  and here’s our annual list of Best Beach Bag Books for 2021. We’ve got memoirs, thrillers. cookbooks, historical fiction and contemporary fiction. […]

28 signs you’re dealing with a youngest child by Lian Dolan Ah, to be the oldest child. All the attention, the new clothes, the pressure to succeed in everything all the time. Social scientists have told us lately that firstborns are actually smarter than siblings born further down the line because Mom and Dad simply […]

Hello Satellite Sisters & Misters… Breaking news! Activate, Satellite Sisters Street Team! That’s you– if you’re reading this! My latest novel, The Sweeney Sisters arrives in Paperback on April 6th and the all-important pre-orders are happening now. I would love your help spreading the word about the book. If you’ve ever thought about a career […]



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