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Are you my Satellite Sister? Satellite Sisters Qualification Questions

From the Satellite Sisters Archives:

It should be fairly easy to spot the Satellite Sisters in your life. In fact, you’re probably getting together for a game of canasta later on. But just in case you have doubts about a potential Satellite Sister, we’ve developed a set of qualification questions. There are no wrong answers, just suspicious ones. Funny, smart, like-minded– these are all good qualities to look for in responses.

Try out a few of these on Potential Satellite Sisters:

What would you rather win– an Oscar or a Nobel Prize?
What job are you not qualified for?
Did you ever abuse “hold” or “layaway” privileges?
In what fashion trend do you most regret taking part?
If you really wanted to shake up the Supreme Court, who would you nominate?
Do you lie to your doctor?
What great book do you claim to have read, but never really have?
If you could change any part of you with plastic surgery, what part would it be?
Are you intimidated by your hairdresser?
What’s the worst job you ever had?
Where were you when you heard about the death of Princess Diana?
What is you personal theme song?

Print and bring to your next book club/mother’s group/seance and see what surprising conversation ensues. Or go all new-fangled and Facebook’em or Kirtsy!

Want to answer them? Go for it, in the comments below.

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