Happy April Fools Day. It’s the anniversary of our very first Satellite Sisters radio broadcast! Lian, Sheila, Liz and Julie share the weeks events plus a Listener Mailbag with questions + observations pulled from our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group page. Listen here: April 1, 2012 Satellite Sisters

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In the news, Lian loves a lottery! So much bonding over the Mega Millions. Julie finds the Supreme Court arguments about the health care law surprisingly lowbrow. Broccoli? Cell Phones? This sounds like the kind of arguments that Satellite Sisters would offer, not fancy legal scholars. Plus she has a theory about how the decision will become public. Sheila tells us a little more about her daily patterns around Pasadena. There’s a new stop in addition to her usual Vons, BofA and Zushi Sushi. And Liz missed all the lottery and Supreme Court excitement this week, but did experience to total happening in Barcelona. She’s not one to let a little light rioting spoil a good time.

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