Amazing Race on Madam Secretary

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What an Amazing Race on Madam Secretary! Starring the Secretary of State, a Doomsday Cult Figure and Nadine’s Plum Blouse. The Satellite Sisters Talk TV with their weekly recap of Madam Secretary. This week, Season 3 Episode 12 called The Detour. But it could have have been called The Amazing Race. Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan weigh in on the latest episode. Three teams start off in opposite directions but they all finish back in the McCords kitchen. Not really, but you know what we mean.
3 teams!
One Team goes to Africa on a dilapidated plane with one engine and the Chinese in pursuit
One Team goes to the Department of Defense and tries to pull rank
One Team goes to Crazytown with a Doomsday Cult
 Race between The US and China to partner with various Africa nations on windfarms. With the US doing it to promote sustainability and education and China in the race to exploit oil leases.
MSEC, Blake, Daisy and the Under Secretary take off in old plane with a doubting press corp.
Nice moment at Girls STEM camp. MSEC waxes rhapsodic about Math. But China on their heels.
Bess wins the gamesmanship but loses the PR Battle.
Special shout-out to the moving scene at the slave fort between Daisy and Tonya Pinkins—a history lesson and more on MK weekend. Very nice moment!
Race to the DOD for parts
  Nadine and Matt race to the Pentagon to plead for spare airplanes parts. Nadine, overconfident because of her fabulous blouse, tries to convince an Air Force Colonel that somehow the speechwriter outranks the military man.
Race to Crazytown
When the FBI says, I’ll be there in 5 minutes, do you have to let them in?
Henry is back on the trail of a doomsday cult he once hunted down. One of the cult members  is selling bombs to ISIS.  Cult Guy claims to be a radicalized Islamic terrorist but Henry gives him the “are you islamic test” and he fails miserable.  Henry’s Theory: Cult Guy setting up end of the world standoff between the west and isis. Everybody in the truck!!

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Blake, I'm starving. Can you get me the peanuts and the plantains? Thanks.

Blake, I’m starving. Can you get me the peanuts and the plantains? Thanks.

Binders full of blouses:

Nadines plum colored masterpiece
Madam Secretarys black suit and floral blouse—clean and fresh
Daisy’s endless supply of pretty dresses