A Note From Your Satellite Sisters


A Note from your Satellite Sisters 


Satellite Sisters will be changing in 2024.

Satellite Sisters was conceived as a community from the onset: podcast, website, newsletter, social media, live events, meetups. We dreamed of being more than a radio show; we aspired to a Sisterhood. Over the last 23 years, our community has grown into a place of wisdom, support, friendship and connection. We’re honored to be a part of your lives and to call you friends. 


We’ve decided to make some changes in 2024 and we wanted to share them with you: 

We’ll be ending the production of new weekly podcasts on December 5, 2023. It’s been an amazing run, over two decades long, with laughs, tears, mediocre advice and more laughs. We’re very proud of the show we created and the conversations we’ve started. 

We’ve worked with a talented group of professionals  who have made us better and made the show better and we’re grateful for their contributions. 

And we’ve developed a relationship with our audience that we never could have predicted on April 1, 2001 when Satellite Sisters debuted. Thank you for listening, for laughing, for sharing and for making this show the centerpiece of our professional lives. 


In 2024: 

We’lll maintain our podcast archives so hundreds of shows will still be available across all podcast platforms. In addition, next year we’ll post 25 episodes from the hidden archives, re-edited for a new audience. Get ready for Satellite Sisters Rediscovered. Please keep following Satellite Sisters on your preferred podcast platform so you don’t miss a minute. Find links to major podcast platforms here

We’ll continue working with trusted sponsors so we can maintain and create Satellite Sisters content across many platforms. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

We’ll maintain our website, our blog and the archives at satellitesisters.com. Visit the hub of the sisterhood, our website, at satellitesisters.com.  

We will continue to publish our newsletter Pep Talk every other week. Please make sure to join the mailing list. 

We’ll maintain the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group and the Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend group. We love the smisterhood there and want to see that community continue and thrive as a positive place on the Internet.  Please make sure to join our private group. Please answer the membership questions. 

We’ll produce new content on all our social media channels – Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Instagram Channel and YouTube Channel.  Look for more videos from us in 2024.  Plus, Lian will be out on a book tour in April 2024. Please make sure you follow us on all platforms. Find links to our social media here. 

We’ll continue to keep the shop open. Everyone needs a Satellite Sisters t-shirt or a bucket hat in their lives. Find a link to the store here. Thank you for buying the merch. 


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been revisiting the Satellite Sisters UnCommon Senses, the values and beliefs that shaped us as children and continue to influence our world view. Sense of Connection, Sense of Self, Sense of Humor, Sense of Adventure, and Sense of Direction. We all agree that Sense of Connection remains the most important sense. It’s the sense of connection– of being someone’s sister, mother, friend — that gives meaning to our lives. Nurturing relationships is what shapes who we are and how we live. Most of us our bound together by sharing the small everyday acts of the people in our lives who support, accept, sometimes bust, and always encourage us. Our Satellite Sister community bonded over a talk show created by a bunch of sisters from Connecticut, but the connection has gone beyond the airwaves in ways that we never imagined. It’s been amazing and we look forward to new adventures.

Thank you for sticking with us.

Stay Connected.


Julie Dolan

Liz Dolan

Lian Dolan


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