Civility Challenges, Total Taxi Fail

Monica Dolan tries to get to LAX using Taxi Taxi from Liz’s in Santa Monica. It turns out to be a Bust Bust.

On this New To You show from March 2, 2007, Monica, Lian and Lian focus on civility challenges. What they have really learned about civility from Dr. Forni?  Plus remember the days before Uber and Lyft?  Monica tells a tale of a taxi ride gone horribly wrong in Santa Monica. Total Taxi Fail.

Monica counted on Taxi Taxi to get her to LAX, but the trip turned out to be very emotionally stressful.  We ask you what you would have done in the same situation.  Bail or stick with it?

This may be a New To You show from 2007 but Dr. Forni’s advise on how to choose civility is even more helpful now. Calm. Strong. Kind. Can you do it?

Calm.  Spring.  Kind.  Those are the three elements of Dr. Forni’s definition of civility.  We are doing our best to live up to his challenge. Usually Julie Dolan conducts the weekly Civility Challenge with Dr. P. M. Forni but today they are both out, so Liz, Lian and Monica muddle through on their own. Under the civility umbrella, Lian has a bullying problem with her son that balloons into a political semi-scandal in her neighborhood. Liz wants to know if you can ever tell a sick co-worker to go home.

In other news, Keebler Elf dies.  RIP. Plus Lian practices grocery store anthropology to figure out how she could have made an egregious mistake. She never would have bought that product if not for a certain family that interrupted her Trader Joe’s flow.

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