New To You: Valentine’s Day, The Grammys, Health + Fitness

The Police reunion at the 2007 Grammys was universally hailed by the Satellite Sisters as “underwhelming”. Lian and Monica both suspect Sting of too much yoga.

Today’s show with Lian, Monica and Liz was originally broadcast on February 12, 2007. Ten years ago this week, we were discussing Valentine’s Day, the Grammys and Health + Fitness.  Just what we are still talking about in 2017! The sisters have a review of the Grammy show the night before including agreements on Carrie UnderwoodThe Dixie Chicks and Prince plus some disappointments with The Police.  

Lian’s son Colin is excited about his new book about groundhogs (his birthday is Groundhog Day) but feels compelled to share his excitement with her at 6 am on Sunday. Monica is just back to Portland Oregon from a vacation to Walt Disney World and to Los Angeles.  She knew the party was over when she opened her American Express bill.

Eve Ensler created The Vagina Monologues in 1996 and went on to launch V Day,a global non-profit movement that has raised over US$100 million for groups working to end violence against women and girls.

Liz has the story of a theatre in Florida that decided they could make up a new title for their current play The Vagina Monologues. On the marquis they went with The Hoo-Ha Monologues.  Luckily for author Eve Ensler,  That’s not really allowed.  Happy V-Day.

Lian recruits a listener to join her watchdog group monitor outlandish wedding announcements in the New York Times.  She find’s this week’s particularly off-putting.

We walk on Billionaires Beach in Malibu.  We talk to our fitness expert Liz Neoporent, and to our nutrition expert Sally Squires of the Washington Post syndicated column Lean Plate Club.  Sally answers the question we all have:  Is there really any such thing as an aphrodisiac?

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Lian’s Dance Performance, Julie’s Pick + Pans, Liz’s EGOT

Performance! If Lian Dolan can do Bruno Mars’ 24 Karat Magic and Isaac Mizrahi can launch a cabaret show, you can get out of your comfort zone, too, sister.

On today’s podcast, we hear all about Lian’s performance with her Girl Gang of Bruno Mars’ 24 Karat Magic.  Get out of your comfort zone, sisters! Julie has pop culture Picks + Pans and yet more news about from Russia about poisonings. Remember Rasputin?  Liz updates us on Operation Sea Turtle plus she’s close to accomplishing a major goal.

Lian thinks Isaac Mizrahi is a role model for us all.  Did you know he has a new cabaret show at the Cafe Carlyle in NYC? Julie’s his fan on QVC.

Over the course of her career, Liz has been lucky enough to be a guest at the Emmys, the Oscars and the Tonys.  The only event left to complete a full spectator EGOT is the Grammys, coming up this weekend in LA.  Guess who scored an invite??

Our in-house Kremlinologist Julie Dolan wants us to know that yet another foe of Vladimir Putin has been poisoned.  She’s been talking about this on Satellite Sisters since 2006.  It’s the Russian go-to move for silencing political enemies since the days of Rasputin.

Valerie Bertinelli Food Network Kiids Baking Championship

We love that judge Valerie Bertinelli on Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship doesn’t make any of the kids cry, even though their results are often heinous.

Liz suggests Lian should join another Girl Gang, this one devoted to trusty mopeds.  Here’s the fun story from the Wall Street Journal about Moped Army.  Also, do you want to remember your dreams more?  According to Harvard Medical School, here’s how.  Drink up.

Plus, Julie’s pans (Groundhog Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition) and picks (Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, HGTV Dream Home ).  Lian’s TV recommendations (NatGeo’s Gender Revolution, Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship)

Are you a podcaster or podcast fan? Lian will be in Orlando this month for Podfest/Podfusion. She’s even get a prize!

Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm.  No-host Meet-Up to follow. Are you coming?  Let us know on this Facebook invite.

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Satellite Misters Alan Alda, Tom Brokaw, Phil Rosenthal

On today’s New To You podcast from 2007, we bring you a compilation of three of our favorite interviews with Satellite Misters: TV creator Phil Rosenthal, actor + author Alan Alda, veteran journalist Tom Brokaw.


Satellite Mister Alan Alda likes to talk – to his children, his grandchildren and to the Satellite Sisters.

Alan Alda visits us in studio to talk about his book Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself.  It seems that all the speeches he ever gave were really about things he was trying to understand himself, or communicate to his daughters.  His #1 insight is about how he learned to really listen to others.


Tom Brokaw on Satellite Sisters podcast

Tom Brokaw visited the Satellite Sisters to talk about the changes that came in the 60’s and how the impact they’ve had on the lives of his adult daughters. Solid Gold Satellite Mister!





Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw also learned a lot about the world by talking to his daughters.  In this interview, we talk about his book Boom: Talking About The Sixties. How did the changes that came from the women’s movement help his daughters and what is still to be tackled? He has definite thoughts and so do we.

Phil Rosenthal, who spoke to us during the writer’s strike in 2007, created the comedy hit Everybody Loves Raymond.  His book about his life and his comedy is You’re Lucky You’re Funny: How Life Becomes A Sitcom.   When Phil spoke to us, he was fresh off the picket line and just about to leave for Russia to create a Russian version of Raymond.  That escapade became the documentary Exporting Raymond. Julie has some suggestions for him about living and eating in Russia and she teaches him the most important word of all: pelmeni.

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