Oscars, Passive-Aggressive Meditation, @askTSA Twitter

Leo DiCarpio Hollywood Life

Julie is citing internet sources that say Leo DiCaprio may have been behind an Oscars conspiracy. We are not so sure because…you know…the internet.

On today’s show, Julie, Liz and Lian tackle Lian’s Podcast Pioneer Award, the Oscars snafu, Liz’s passive-aggressive meditation teacher, travel advice including what to pack if you are going to the moon and how much comedy you can find on the TSA Twitter feed @askTSA.

Lian spent last week on Orlando at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Podfusion/Podfest gathering.  Many thanks to Elsie and Jess at ShePodcasts for including Lian and honoring her.

In all the Oscar mess, Liz feels very sorry for PWC executive Martha Ruiz whose colleague Brian Cullinan handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope because he was too busy tweeting about Emma Stone. Sorry, @MarthaRuiz, that his boneheaded move probably lost you such a great gig. Was it a Leo DiCaprio initiated plot? Some in Hollywood think so. At least Marisa Tomei is finally in the clear.

Elon Musk‘s SpaceX has announced that it will send two tourists to the moon next year. It’s a pretty spendy trip, as you can imagine.  Liz is not interested unless she gets to step on the actual lunar surface.  None of this “long loop and then come home” stuff for her.

Julie hails the TSA’s introduction of a Twitter feed @askTSA where they answers pressing question like “Can I bring marshmallow fluff on the plane” and “How about my lives bees?”.  Some shocking, surprising answers!  Lian is boning up for her Global Entry interview at LAX this week.  What are they going to ask her to verify her identity?  Julie and Liz each had very different experiences.

On today’s podcast, Julie reviews Vol. 2 of Magnolia Journal, just in case you do not have enough Fixer/Upper in your life, here’s more from Joanna and Chip Gaines.

Is Lian keeping a secret from her sisters?  A family member spotted her somewhere she has not admitted to being. True? Where?

Operation Sea Turtle Update:  Liz is having a battle of wills with her meditation teacher.  That does not seem right, does it?  Lian has advice from O, The Oprah Magazine about how to keep calm in a competitive environment. She also recommends this meditation podcast from a woman she met at PodFusion, Meditation Minis http://meditationminis.com.

Julie reviews Chip and Joanna Gaines new magazine Magnolia Journal just in case you aren’t getting enough Fixer/Upper in your life.

Be sure to make your plans for our Satellite Sisters weekend in Santa Monica April 22.  All the details for hotel deal, event and after-party are here. Thanks to our Travel Concierge Catherine for the help!

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