Satellite Misters Alan Alda, Tom Brokaw, Phil Rosenthal

On today’s New To You podcast from 2007, we bring you a compilation of three of our favorite interviews with Satellite Misters: TV creator Phil Rosenthal, actor + author Alan Alda, veteran journalist Tom Brokaw.


Satellite Mister Alan Alda likes to talk – to his children, his grandchildren and to the Satellite Sisters.

Alan Alda visits us in studio to talk about his book Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself.  It seems that all the speeches he ever gave were really about things he was trying to understand himself, or communicate to his daughters.  His #1 insight is about how he learned to really listen to others.


Tom Brokaw on Satellite Sisters podcast

Tom Brokaw visited the Satellite Sisters to talk about the changes that came in the 60’s and how the impact they’ve had on the lives of his adult daughters. Solid Gold Satellite Mister!





Veteran journalist Tom Brokaw also learned a lot about the world by talking to his daughters.  In this interview, we talk about his book Boom: Talking About The Sixties. How did the changes that came from the women’s movement help his daughters and what is still to be tackled? He has definite thoughts and so do we.

Phil Rosenthal, who spoke to us during the writer’s strike in 2007, created the comedy hit Everybody Loves Raymond.  His book about his life and his comedy is You’re Lucky You’re Funny: How Life Becomes A Sitcom.   When Phil spoke to us, he was fresh off the picket line and just about to leave for Russia to create a Russian version of Raymond.  That escapade became the documentary Exporting Raymond. Julie has some suggestions for him about living and eating in Russia and she teaches him the most important word of all: pelmeni.

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