Oscars, Passive-Aggressive Meditation, @askTSA Twitter

Leo DiCarpio Hollywood Life

Julie is citing internet sources that say Leo DiCaprio may have been behind an Oscars conspiracy. We are not so sure because…you know…the internet.

On today’s show, Julie, Liz and Lian tackle Lian’s Podcast Pioneer Award, the Oscars snafu, Liz’s passive-aggressive meditation teacher, travel advice including what to pack if you are going to the moon and how much comedy you can find on the TSA Twitter feed @askTSA.

Lian spent last week on Orlando at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Podfusion/Podfest gathering.  Many thanks to Elsie and Jess at ShePodcasts for including Lian and honoring her.

In all the Oscar mess, Liz feels very sorry for PWC executive Martha Ruiz whose colleague Brian Cullinan handed Warren Beatty the wrong envelope because he was too busy tweeting about Emma Stone. Sorry, @MarthaRuiz, that his boneheaded move probably lost you such a great gig. Was it a Leo DiCaprio initiated plot? Some in Hollywood think so. At least Marisa Tomei is finally in the clear.

Elon Musk‘s SpaceX has announced that it will send two tourists to the moon next year. It’s a pretty spendy trip, as you can imagine.  Liz is not interested unless she gets to step on the actual lunar surface.  None of this “long loop and then come home” stuff for her.

Julie hails the TSA’s introduction of a Twitter feed @askTSA where they answers pressing question like “Can I bring marshmallow fluff on the plane” and “How about my lives bees?”.  Some shocking, surprising answers!  Lian is boning up for her Global Entry interview at LAX this week.  What are they going to ask her to verify her identity?  Julie and Liz each had very different experiences.

On today’s podcast, Julie reviews Vol. 2 of Magnolia Journal, just in case you do not have enough Fixer/Upper in your life, here’s more from Joanna and Chip Gaines.

Is Lian keeping a secret from her sisters?  A family member spotted her somewhere she has not admitted to being. True? Where?

Operation Sea Turtle Update:  Liz is having a battle of wills with her meditation teacher.  That does not seem right, does it?  Lian has advice from O, The Oprah Magazine about how to keep calm in a competitive environment. She also recommends this meditation podcast from a woman she met at PodFusion, Meditation Minis http://meditationminis.com.

Julie reviews Chip and Joanna Gaines new magazine Magnolia Journal just in case you aren’t getting enough Fixer/Upper in your life.

Be sure to make your plans for our Satellite Sisters weekend in Santa Monica April 22.  All the details for hotel deal, event and after-party are here. Thanks to our Travel Concierge Catherine for the help!

Welcome new sponsor BarkBox!  Steffi was super enthusiastic about introducing our new deal for you.   Video of the unboxing to come!

Lian and Julie both love their new BarkBoxes just as much as Steffi and Zorro. Use our custom URL www.barkbox.com/sisters.

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Satellite Sisters Sheila and Monica Prep For The Spirit Awards

On this New To You show from 2007, Sheila and Monica prep for their Spirit Award coverage on the blue carpet. Their #1 goal: get up close and personal with Ryan Gosling, nominated that year for Half Nelson.

Satellite Sisters JV in the house on this classic New To You podcast from February 22, 2007! Sheila, Lian and Monica discuss OscarsSpirit Awards and more. At the very end of the show,  Monica plays a special edition of Satellite Sisters Oscar “Believe It Or Not”, so stay tuned all the way through to see who wins.  It starts at 1 hour 40 minutes in.  You know it’s a show from 2007 when the opening convo is about American Idol and Monica talks about taking a nap so she can stay up for LOST!

Sheila is trying to get organized financially.  Her credit card got shut off. Can she live on GAP and Starbucks cards alone? Lian has some Hot Property premium real estate in the $18 – $30 million dollar range to discuss because David Beckham and Posh are looking for a new home in LA.
Sheila and Monica prepare to cover the Spirit Awards on the blue carpet.  They love the independent spirit! Sheila was way ahead of her time in her love of Ryan Gosling.
It’s Awards Season so Lian reads some of the great listener letters we have gotten from you for awards you think you are a shoo-in for!  Congratulations!
Monica has some new product reviews to share, plus a plea for one simple thing in grocery stores:  customer service! What happened to all the people in the deli department? Hellooooooo?
Kentucky Fried Chicken fish sandwich?? Maybe.
Cars that come with safety kits?  Yes, please.
Lavender scented tires? Not so much.
At 1 hour and 13 minutes in, we interview Laura Sessions Stepp about high school and college girls. She wrote a book called Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose At Both.  There’s frank discussion of hooking up and oral sex so be aware if you are listening with your kids.
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Lian’s Birthday Celebrations, Julie’s North Korean Conspiracies

LOL t-shirt girl in poisoning

Our North Korea expert Julie Dolan has her own theories about why this woman would wear an LOL t-short to a poisoning. Allegedly. LOL.

This week on the podcast, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan review all Lian’s birthday celebrations and Julie shares her theories on North Korean conspiracies. Who wears an LOL t-shirt to a poisoning?  Plus we preview the Satellite Sisters Ask Us Anything program at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22. We also have good news for travelers looks for a fantastic hotel deal in Santa Monica.  Thank you to our very own Satellite Sisters Travel Concierge, Catherine at The Travelstore. Read about the sweet deal on suites right at The Georgian on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica walking distance our to our event on April 22. Bring your own Satellite Sisters for the weekend and Ask Us Anything! 

Plus: Lian’s Double Birthday Party at the Opera and the Uncaberet. Want more information about the Uncab? Click here.

Julie’s Tuesday Trends:

Baby Boxes. www.cnn.com/2017/01/26/health/new-jersey-baby-boxes-safe-sleep/

Job postings on Facebook:  www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2016/…/f

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Travel Details for Satellite Sisters Weekend in Santa Monica April 22

Satellite Sisters Santa Monica weekend at the Georgia Hotel

Come join us the weekend of April 22 in Santa Monica. Catherine’s Travel Concierge has gotten us a sweet deal on suites if you book though her. This place is a gem right across the street from the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica pier. Click here or on the photo for details and contact information.

Satellite Sisters Weekend in Santa Monica on April 22! It’s happening! Make your plans after listening to today’s podcast.  Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan preview the Satellite Sisters Ask Us Anything program at the Santa Monica Public Library on April 22 at 2 pm and the location for our No-Host Meet-Up at Ester’s Wine Bar following 4 pm.

You will have to pay for your own drinks and food at Ester’s Wine Bar following the library event, but we promise free name tags for everyone!!

Travelers looking for a fantastic hotel deal in Santa Monica should contact our very own Satellite Sisters Travel Concierge, Catherine at The Travelstore for a sweet deal on suites at The Georgian. The Georgian is right on Ocean Blvd in Santa Monica and walking distance our to our event at Santa Monica Public Library.  To read more about the hotel and other special offers for the Satellite Sisterhood, click here.  Bring your own Satellite Sisters for the weekend and  Ask Us Anything! 


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Sweet Satellite Sisters Suite Deal in Santa Monica!


Satellite Sisters Santa Monica weekend at the Georgia Hotel

Come join us the weekend of April 22 in Santa Monica. Catherine’s Travel Concierge has gotten us a sweet deal on suites at the wonderful Georgian Hotel if you book though her. This place is a gem right across the street from the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica pier.

Our very own Satellite Sisters Travel Consultant has landed us a sweet suite deal for those of you coming to Santa Monica for the Satellite Sisters event on April 22!  Come stay at a gem of a boutique hotel right on Ocean Avenue called The Georgian. You will be right in the center of the action in walking distance to everything that makes Santa Monica so fun, including that big Ferris wheel and, of course, the Santa Monica Public Library where our event is Saturday at 2!

When you work directly with Catherine Adde, also known as Catherine’s Travel Concierge, she can book  your choices of suites:

A Signature Suite option at $300 plus taxes per night. (TravelStore rate only)

An Ocean View Suite option at a $30 premium per night. Suites have a King-sized bed in the bedroom ad a Queen sized sofa bed in the living room.  The two spaces are separated by French doors for added privacy.  (Catherine assures us the sofa beds are comfortable so this seems like an ideal set-up for those of you who are coming with your own Satellite Sisters!)

Online these rooms are gong for $429 and $479 so Catherine’s Travel Concierge has some pull in LaLaLand!

Her rates also include valet parking for one vehicle per room. (Normally this is an extra $31.90 per night)

Rooms are only being held until March 21, 2017 so get a move on, sisters!

The beautiful Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Ocean are just two of the beautiful things right outside your door at The Georgian on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Book now!! We would not steer you wrong.

To book, please call (626-639-2614) or email Catherine directly (preferred) at:

 catherine.a (at)travelstore.com  

You will not get this deal by calling the hotel directly or booking online. To see more about Catherine, check out her Facebook page and and this one minute movie on YouTube. Let her be your resource in Southern California for any other fun tours you want to book during your visit.  If you are a foodie, she recommends a tour of the LA Farmer’s Market with Lisa Scalia of Melting Pot Tours.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Here is the website for The Georgian if you want to look around before you call Catherine and here’s what they say on TripAdvisor about it. We can’t wait to see you!



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Liz’s Epic Grammy Report, Martha Stewart Super Grandma, Meditation Fail

On today’s Satellite Sisters podcast, we get Liz’s EPIC Grammy rundown and pre-show Prince prep, Julie’s competitive response to Martha Stewart Super Grandma moving in on her Urban Nana turf, Lian’s Valentines Day and Birthday plans plus what science says about great dancers.

Liz Dolan gets ready to go to the Grammys for the Prince tribute.

Purple headband? Yes. Purple scarf? Yes. Purple sunglasses? Yes. She went for it all.  Liz is ready for Prince tribute at the 2017 Grammys. Listen to complete details on this week’s podcast.

Getting Red Carpet ready is not easy, especially when Liz realized that the Grammys would include a major tribute to her main man Prince.  Have you ever walked into Nordstroms and said “Just show me everything you have in purple”?  Probably not, but Liz did.  Thanks to all the members of the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group who participated in the crowdsourcing of advice on her purple headband versus purple sunglasses.  As you can see from the final product, she decided to go with both. Add in her hairdresser Star and make-up man Alejandro and VOILA. Grammy magic?

Liz also gives us her list of the 3 moments that were better IN the theatre (Adele, Gaga, The Time + Bruno Mars do PRINCE) and the 3 that were better on TV (Bruno Mars first number, James Corden’s comedy, Beyonce’s celestial universal maternal goddess!).

Martha Stewart and her grandchildren on Satellite Sisters podcast and blog

Julie Dolan and Martha Stewart have always managed to peacefully co-exist but Julie warns today that this may change if Martha tries to compete on her Urban Nana turf.

Julie has a warning for Martha Stewart.  Stay off her Urban Nana turf even if you can throw the world’s best space-themed party for your 2 grandchildren!  Reluctantly, Julie admits that the March issue of Martha Stewart Living with a photo spread about the party may be the best issue ever. Julie also has other parenting questions about best sleepovers strategy for parents and teen sleep needs.

Lian has been looking into what makes a woman a great dancer.  As Shakira would say (and researchers now prove), the hips don’t lie. 

Liz’s Operation Sea Turtle update include actual news about turtles plus a question:  What’s the line between meditation and napping?  She seems to have crossed it.

Lian brings us an unexpected theory of the history of Valentine’s Day.  Move over, Romans.  Looks like Chaucer may deserve the credit.  Plus her Oscar viewing plans go slightly awry with her husbanding her friends are taking her to the Opera for her birthday this week.  That’s right.  Opera!

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Thanks to Audible for supporting today’s Satellite Sisters. You can’t make more time, but you can make the most of it. Turn our workout into something more, just like Liz! For a free 30 day trial, go to www.audible.com/sisters.


Come join all five Satellite Sisters on April 22nd at the Santa Monica Public Library at 2 pm.  No-host Meet-Up to follow. Are you coming?  Let us know on this Facebook invite. More details from our travel agent to come later this week.

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