Satellite Sisters Mission + Voice Renewed: Our Home Truths

Satellite Sisters Founding Documents.  Yes, we actually have them.  Mission statement, goals, fundamental values that we wrote together before Satellite Sisters debuted in April 2000. On today’s show, Lian, Julie and Liz discuss what they meant to us originally and what they mean now.  We’ve been thinking a lot about our Satellite Sisters mission, our voice, our Home Truths and our commitment to civility.  It’s all about intelligence, respect and humor. Also today:  Mary Tyler Moore, Hidden Figures, Operation Sea Turtle,  Turmeric, Lian’s return to the stage and Julie’s warning about hotel thermostats.   No, it’s not just you. They are bogus.

The Mary Tyler Moore news is that UNBELIEVABLY she has been buried in the same cemetery as our parents on Fairfield, Connecticut.  If you plan to visit Mary there, you might also want to swing by Edna and James Dolan.

At the SAG Awards Sunday night, the cast of Hidden Figures won the big prize in the motion picture category.  Well done, sisters!  If you have not seen this film about the previously little-known work of African-American women at NASA, make time.

Julie has scientific proof that hotel thermostats are largely bogus, just as you always suspected.  Plus, turmeric may not really be good for you.  Another myth. And why does check-writing persist in the digital age? This article explains why.  Do you groan in the grocery line when you see the checkbook and pen come out? Us, too. Here’s a Wall Street Journal Story entitled “Go Ahead. Write A Check For Your Coffee. “I’ve Got All Day.” 

Liz updates us on Operation Sea Turtle With A Twist: The Mindfulness Edition.  She experiments with one meditation class and one restorative yoga class.  Results are shall we say, mixed.

Lian is returning to something she has not tried in 30 years.  We won’t spoil the surprise.  You have to  listen.  We’ll only say that costumes ARE involved.

Anyone have any strong Super Bowl feelings out there?  Lian, Julie and Liz each have different takes on the game.

Don’t forget about our event at the Santa Monica Public Library on Saturday April 22 at 2 pm.  More details to come.

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Lian Reports on Women’s March in Washington


Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters cover the Women’s March in Washington DC. Lian attended the historic march in the nation’s capital and she has a full report about the spirit of the march, the power of Washington symbols, the success of the Pussy hats and, of course, Madonna. But mainly, the marching. Listen to the newest podcast here.


Julie’s offers her first First Ladies Desk Report of the new administration. She would like to remind us of the rules of civility that extend not only to the First Lady but to the entire First Family.  We can do this, people.

Liz tells us about her visit last week San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  It’s a gorgeous historic city in the mountains and a great example of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site.  She read, she walked and she even took a cooking class at a local school La Cocina.  What is this world coming to??

Julie has Tuesday Trends.  The first is about Rustic Cuffs.  The second is Daybreaker.  She suggests the latter for Liz and Lian in Los Angeles as part of their new morning routines.

Liz reaches a laziness low-point.  Blame it on the FitBit. Hear all about it, plus the launch of her Operation Sea Turtle with a Twist.

We have a few gut reactions to the Oscar nominations.  Lots of good movies we can get behind this year but there may be a showdown in Best Song.  Julie wants Justin Timberlake, of course.  Liz wants Lin-Manuel Miranda, of course.  And Lian is solidly behind LaLaLand.

We close with a thank you from Liz who is very grateful for all your kind thoughts and messages about the loss of her beloved dog Ferris.  Special shout-out to Kathleen from Mountain View CA for a lovely note and to Samantha for posting her fun game on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. We love it with a chainsaw.

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Sign us up for HYGGE! The Cozy Lifestyle is Us


Where’s my cake? Hygge is the way to go to get through the winter months.


It’s HYGGE time! Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on this week’s Satellite Sisters podcast. Liz is off in Mexico and we couldn’t get her Skype connection to work, so it’s the Tuesday Show Team back in action. This week, us, we jump on the HYGGE Bandwagon.  It’s cold and stormy outside but it’s warm and cozy inside– if you live in Denmark. Yes, the Danish Art of Living Life in a State of Cozy is exactly what we need to get us through the winter months. And it’s all the rage, says people in the know. We thought our sister Sheila invented cozy clothes and scented candles but apparently, the Danes have been doing it for years. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a social movement and now, it’s a product line. What’s involved in HYGGE? Lian’s wants in on the candles, the blankies, the hot beverages and the cake. Think warmth, connection, ease and glog. You can check out the HYGGE -ness here from the New York Times or here from The New Yorker (because it’s very New York and not very hygge to do a think piece on cozy.)  Say it with us: Hoo-Gah.

Oy, the Build Up! Cleaning out a college kid’s condo.

Nature Pod:

The Goliath of Gators. The Godzilla of Gators. Check him out here. 

The Eurasian Pig Invasion

Ridding New Zealand of Rats

Plus, Business License Mix-Up

The Women’s March in Washington DC March

and the Satellite Sisterhood steps up at Pulpwood Queens


Thanks to Away Luggage for sponsoring this week’s Satellite Sisters. Visit and use promo code “sisters’ for $20 off your purchase. First Class Luggage at a Coach Price. 


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Amazing Race on Madam Secretary

Satellite Sisters Talk TV
What an Amazing Race on Madam Secretary! Starring the Secretary of State, a Doomsday Cult Figure and Nadine’s Plum Blouse. The Satellite Sisters Talk TV with their weekly recap of Madam Secretary. This week, Season 3 Episode 12 called The Detour. But it could have have been called The Amazing Race. Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan weigh in on the latest episode. Three teams start off in opposite directions but they all finish back in the McCords kitchen. Not really, but you know what we mean.
3 teams!
One Team goes to Africa on a dilapidated plane with one engine and the Chinese in pursuit
One Team goes to the Department of Defense and tries to pull rank
One Team goes to Crazytown with a Doomsday Cult
 Race between The US and China to partner with various Africa nations on windfarms. With the US doing it to promote sustainability and education and China in the race to exploit oil leases.
MSEC, Blake, Daisy and the Under Secretary take off in old plane with a doubting press corp.
Nice moment at Girls STEM camp. MSEC waxes rhapsodic about Math. But China on their heels.
Bess wins the gamesmanship but loses the PR Battle.
Special shout-out to the moving scene at the slave fort between Daisy and Tonya Pinkins—a history lesson and more on MK weekend. Very nice moment!
Race to the DOD for parts
  Nadine and Matt race to the Pentagon to plead fro spare airplanes parts. Nadine, overconfident because of her fabulous blouse, tries to convince an Air Force Colonel that somehow the speechwriter outranks the military man.
Race to Crazytown
When the FBI says, I’ll be there in 5 minutes, do you have to let them in?
Henry is back on the trail of a doomsday cult he once hunted down. One of the cult members  is selling bombs to ISIS.  Cult Guy claims to be a radicalized Islamic terrorist but Henry gives him the “are you islamic test” and he fails miserable.  Henry’s Theory: Cult Guy setting up end of the world standoff between the west and isis. Everybody in the truck!!
Blake, I'm starving. Can you get me the peanuts and the plantains? Thanks.

Blake, I’m starving. Can you get me the peanuts and the plantains? Thanks.

Binders full of blouses:

Nadines plum colored masterpiece
Madam Secretarys black suit and floral blouse—clean and fresh
Daisy’s endless supply of pretty dresses
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New year! New podcast! Our themes for 2017


Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on the first Satellite Sisters podcast of 2017. We kick off the New Year by announcing our themes for 2017. Each sisters has her own approach to the upcoming year. For Liz, it’s learning to live without Ferris. Julie’s focusing outward with Do More For Others in 2017. Julie vows to do more for others but just for one year. Get your requests in now because she’s not opposed to taking out trash or getting a car serviced qualifies as DO MORE. It’s a major commitment but not for a major amount of time. Lian is going with Keeping It Real. More conversations, interaction with people, books, music, art, theater, fun and less, less, less media and artifice. We kick off 2017 with high hopes. Plus, we announce an ALL SISTER event in Santa Monica in April 2017. Tune in for more details. But save the date and come with your Satellite Sisters!

Also on the show:

Farewell to Ferris. An awesome dog.

College Football. Congratulations to Clemson, but let’s get real and pay those players.

From the Russia Desk. Julie updates us on the latest news ( and fake news.)

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Inaugural Week on Madam Secretary

Satellite Sisters Talk TV

Fictional Inaugural Week on TV! Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama Madam Secretary episode 311 called Gift Horse. This episode was written by show creator Barbara Hall and was called Gift Horse but could have been called Kitchen Sink because we got it all. A veritable potpourri for our fictional Secretary of State and the rest of the Dalton administration. A stand-out show for Blake the Assistant who was tasked with the job of returning the aforementioned Gift Horse. He was tested emotionally, organizationally and sartorially.

Mongolian Horses
Russian Hacking
Questionable Election Results
Horse Trading for Cabinet Positions
Poetry, Physics and the Meaning of Beauty
The Dao of Tech Guys
Walking Desks
Inaugural Fashion
Intern nightmares
Black Dog Station Returns
The Applebys Paradox
And the Manure Offensive
Hi, Blake... can you get rid of a horse for me? Thanks. I gotta go to a ball.

Hi, Blake… can you get rid of a horse for me? Thanks. I gotta go to a ball.

It’s Hard to know where to start, so I put together an Inaugural To Do List for this episode:

Confirm Election Results
Find Dress
Pick up the Poet
Return Horse
Listen to our conversation with Madam Secretary show runner Barbara Hall and EP Lori McCreary here: 
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