2007 Sassy Awards

Hello, all. This is Lian.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just finished a marathon mantle-scaping session. I can’t stop after the tablescaping competition. Show me a surface, and I want to theme it! My mantle went from Fall Foliage with a Touch of Halloween to Give Thanks for Thanksgiving. My mother sent me a big box of shellacked fall leaves from Oregon and that really set me off. I pulled all the pilgrims out of the basement, dusted off the ceramic turkeys and carefully unwrapped the bubble-wrapped cornucopias. Must say, looks festive. When my husband gets home from the soccer tournament with the digital camera, I may just take a picture and put it on the Slog.

In the meantime, I just wanted to answer all the questions about what is going to happen to our staff as we look for a new distributor. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our production team in a tear-filled lunch on Friday. John is off to a new job and Alicia is off on a new adventure. Joann and Janine will be staying with us through the end of the year to produce the weekend show. And our webmaster Sarah in NYC will be working overtime on all the changes at the website. But our little team will not be the same again.

To that end, I wanted to share with you the Sassy Awards we handed out on Friday along with the Satellite Sister embroidered bathrobes ordered just for the staff.

To Alicia Haywood
Associate Producer
For scoring more big time guests in a single week than some producers get in a lifetime; for owning and wearing the most extensive collection of hats west of the Mississippi; for loving the West Wing and all HBO programming as much as Liz; for being steady, stealthy, and vegetarian in a world that needs more steady, stealthy, vegetarians.

The Tell Me You Confirm Me Sassy

To Janine Pibal
Production Assistant
For being willing and able to take on everything from DHL forms to Sheila’s travel arrangements; for going above and beyond on all writing assignments ; for being tall, thin and naturally blond like none of the Satellite Sisters; for being nice to all, but especially her late, great diabetic cat.

The Sassy for Best Performance by an Actress on a Radio Show Production Team

To Sarah Sweeney McCann

For pushing an analog bunch of sisters into the digital age and beyond; for working day and night to make satellitesisters.com and fun place to visit; for digitally dressing us up on Halloween so we didn’t have to in real life; for loving Lost, the Boss, the Yankees, and New York City as much or more than any Dolan; for being a true Satellite Sister.

The She’s the One Sassy

To John Ramos
Senior Technical Advisor

For being the testosterone to our estrogen; for laughing at our jokes, editing out our mistakes, and making us sound smarter than we really are; for being a Beatles fan, a Star Wars collector, and an encyclopedia of football; for teaching us as much about men as we think we’ve taught him about women; for being a good husband, a good father and a good guy.

The Quien Es Muy Macho Sassy

To Joann DeLeoz Young
Senior Producer

For having more jobs on her personal resume than all five sisters combined; for talking faster, typing faster, and dragging her rolling suitcase faster than any person on the planet; for being smart, talented, and having great hair just like Lisa Ling; for producing a great radio show and a great son.

The Coolest and Shortest Under Pressure Sassy

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