111423 Podcast: Developing your Sense of Self

Another installment of the Satellite Sisters 5-part series on their Uncommon Senses !  Today the focus is Sense of Self- how to develop your sense of self, where does birth order and DNA fit in and why change is overrated. Plus our big fashion moments and our musical inspiration.

Listen to our episode about Sense of Connection here. It’s part of our live show from Big Fun Weekend. For the original book Satellite Sisters Uncommon Senses, go here.

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Plus, listen to our special episode with MEA, the world’s first midlife wisdom school, here: Wisdom, Transitions and The Power of Being Together

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Thanks to MEA, sponsor of the Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend.

MEA has spent years exploring big topics around aging and guiding over 3700 people though in-person and online workshops.

We believe their experience around transitions, purpose, and wellness will be helpful to Satellite Sisters listeners in their own lives.

If you’re asking big questions and exploring how good life can get, dive into the MEA-sphere. They offer in-person and online workshops.

5-day Workshops take place in Santa Fe, NM and Baja Mexico

Online Workshops include:

Cultivating Purpose: This 8-module online workshop will support you in living a more alive, balanced and purpose-filled life.

Navigating Midlife Transitions: This 6-module online workshop will support you in cultivating transitional intelligence.

Re·fresh. If you want to dip your toe in before diving into a full 5-day workshop, you can take a Re·fresh in Santa Fe or Baja. With Re·fresh, choose the duration of your stay and choose to how much you want to engage is guided wellness and core conversations.

Find it all at MEAwisdom.com

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